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By William Y. Chalfant

With no sector is the tale of the 1st significant U.S. military day trip opposed to the Comanches among the Mexican and Civil wars. past due in 1858, less than the management of Captain (Brevet significant) Earl Van Dorn, devices of the second one Cavalry marched north shape castle Belknap, Texas, and confirmed a brief publish, Camp Radziminski, on the southwest fringe of the Wichita Mountains. Scouring the rustic north, east, and west looking for Comanches, the Wichita day trip triggered significant engagements, referred to as the conflict on the Wichita Village and the conflict of Crooked Creek. in the course of the latter struggle, the warriors killed or captured all of the population of a Comanche village.William Y. Chalfant provides an in depth account of the day trip, first surroundings the old context, then tracing occasions to the climax at Crooked Creek on may well thirteen, 1859.

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The Fight 80 8. The Finale 91 Epilogue 104 Appendix 119 Notes 145 Bibliography 157 I. S. Government Documents 157 II. Newspapers and Periodicals 158 III. Books 158 IV. Articles, Letters, Affidavits, Manuscripts 160 V. Maps 161 Index 163 Page ix Illustrations Sketches Comanche raiding party 10 Fort Atkinson on the Arkansas 24 Camp Radziminski 52 On the night of May 5 the Wichita Expedition struggled through a violent thunderstorm 71 The expedition finds an abandoned Comanche village on Crooked Creek 76 Lieutenant Royall stampeded the Comanche horses 82 The fight on Crooked Creek 87 Fitzhugh Lee was struck by a Comanche arrow 89 Dangerously wounded troopers were moved by litter 97 Photographs Capt.

The Comanches, on the other hand, found it difficult, given their instinctive disdain for the tilling of soil and their love of hunting and raiding. 16 Unfortunately, the establishment of Texas reservations occurred when there was a great need for military forces elsewhere. As a result, the garrisons were thinned in 1854 and sent to other trouble spots on the plains. 17 On May 30, 1854, the president signed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, carving two huge new territories out of the former Indian Territory and opening them for white settlement.

One such attack took place on Crooked Creek. WILLIAM Y. CHALFANT HUTCHINSON, KANSAS Page 2 Tribal territories on the southern Great Plains Page 3 1 Comanches, Comanchería, and Conflict The Comanches were mighty warriors and among the greatest horsemen on earth. They had separated from the Shoshonis sometime during the seventeenth century, so far in the past that when whites first entered their country, there was no memory among the southernmost bands of their mountain brethren. They appear to have traveled eastward, from the Rockies following the Missouri and Platte rivers, then turned south and gradually spread across the southern plains from the Platte to the Pecos.

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