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By Ioan-Iovitz Popescu

Observe frequency performs a trendy function in lots of clinical and applicational fields. The booklet offers cutting edge tools in learn and new effects very important for language and textual content characterization. in keeping with a basic concept, miraculous interrelations are proven among be aware frequency and different linguistic homes. Interrelations among formerly recognized tools and new features similar to the h-point and different measures built within the e-book are investigated. moreover, new statistical assessments are brought.

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Hirsch (2005) has argued that there is a relationship between the hpoint and text length N, represented by the total area below the rank-frequency curve, namely N = ah2 . e. 1 1. Actually, as recently argued (Popescu & Altmann 2009), the natural pace is (h − 1) inasmuch as the rank frequency origin is (1, 1) and not (0, 0). 1 we show texts of different length in different languages. As has been pointed out in the Introduction (see p. 4), the acronyms used to denote the individual texts are listed in the Appendix; the abbreviations of the languages can be found in the Introduction.

The smallest mean a’s belong to the most analytic (isolating) languages situated in Polynesia. The greater a, the greater the synthetism, which culminates, as a matter of fact, in Hungarian and Latin. Thus, without taking recourse to the morphology of languages, the h-point and the derived quantity a can help a linguist find the position of a language on the analytismsynthetism scale. A confrontation with Greenberg-Krupa indices (cf. Greenberg 1960; Krupa 1965) would be very interesting but here we treat only texts.

Chapter 9). Denote by a1 and a2 the a-indices in two texts. The statistics Ua = a1 − a2 Var (a1 ) +Var (a2 ) has, again, approximately the standard normal distribution. As the variances of the a-indices (cf. the denominator in the formula above) are not known and The h-point 29 attempts to approximate them were not successful, we ran some computer simulations. Erlkönig is used as an example again. 6007 (which is the parameter value yielding the best fit). In the next step the h-point for these random numbers is found.

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